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My name is Joy Yoders-Dey and my husband, Erin and I have been specializing in the Manx breed since 2001. We are solely dedicated to the preservation and the betterment of the Manx breed as a whole. Our cattery is conservative and small as to only keep a home-like loving environment. We pride ourselves in providing quality rather than quantity when it comes to our cats. Our cats are from national and breed winning lines.

Manx StampWe are located in a small town of Eastampton, which is located in central New Jersey near historic Mt. Holly. We are delighted that you have taken the time to stop in and visit with us. Please stay awhile and view our cats and kittens. Also, take a moment and read through the information in regards to the Manx and see if this is the breed of cat for you and your links, if family. May we extend an invitation to you to explore our web site and you have any questions or concerns regarding Manx please feel free contact us.

For more information contact us at
Or call us at : 609-261-0715
Dey Dream Manx . Central New Jersey, Eastampton, NJ 08060 . Phone: 609-261-0715 . Email: manx@MANXCATBREEDER.COM








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